Tah dah!

Today was a busy day for me!  I bought a ton of shelving from Home Depot, and a dining set from Shopko, and of course, had to install and put them all together right away.  I was going to have dinner around our new table, dangit! Well, it took longer than I expected, and we finally finished the construction around 9 pm, so dinner was had around a circle on the floor together, because we are no longer going to eat dinner on the couches, watching tv.  (Only for special occasions like movie parties, or football, because I know I wouldn’t win that fight with Michael).

The dinner table is important to a family unit.  I’ve always believed that, but “my” family has never had one.  I was working on Loki’s table manners yesterday while he was eating dinner, with some success, and realized it was a tad ridiculous that I was preaching to a 9 year old about table etiquette while we had none.  Thus the purchase and frenzy this afternoon.  So now, we have a place to enjoy meals together, we’ve already played some cards, and I FINALLY have a spot to display the gorgeous silver plate that Dee gave me for our wedding gift. We’ve been talking about making this purchase for some time, but I’ve been so close to being out of debt that I’ve delayed.  Some things are just worth the few credit card payments.

By the way, we had a very satisfying Jamaican jerk chicken and rice recipe, with fresh pineapple and cilantro in it.  It’s definitely a keeper. Now that we have this awesome table, I might make it for the boys when Michael hosts his first poker night.

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink… ~Epicurus


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