Made sure I started with that onion today…

Well, Monday was my first BIG FAIL at not letting things get me down.  I knew it would happen, but the emotional breakdown was equivalent to dieting all week just to end up devouring macho nachos and an entire chocolate cake on your cheat day.  I had to walk out into the parking lot and cry to mom about how unhappy this job makes me, called one of my managers and asked for a transfer out of the store, the whole nine yards.  It took every ounce of will power I had not to just take off my apron, and throw it at someone’s feet and leave.  The rest of Monday and Tuesday went by in a sort of fog because I’d been so mad I couldn’t feel anything any more.  Ridiculous to let a job get you this upset?  Yes.  I need to find a way to care and not care.

So today, I am going in late.  I went to a yoga class, and it’s amazing – they worked on opening our chest chakra, which is exactly what I needed.  I  get stressed, I start to hunch, I stress out my chest and upper back all the time lifting and pulling all those tile boxes.  It’s just awesome that this class happened to be centered around exactly what my body needed.  What else do I need?  To lose some ***** weight.  Dad and I are in a race, and I just put on 4 lbs.  I promise, it has nothing to do with the peach galette or the walnut double decker brownies that I’ve made in the past two weeks.  This is my body telling me that BAKING is NOT something else I need to try to pick up.  So I came home, made some delicious green curry stew that has kale, brussels sprouts and all sorts of other veggies in it, and then I’m going to do a round with Jillian.  This will be MY day, not Home Depot’s.

Here’s a quote of my own.  It’s about being deliberate and listening to your inner hunches.

Lucky and few are those that can say that their lives are not simply a series of bad timing.


2 thoughts on “Made sure I started with that onion today…

  1. Sorry to hear the frustration took such a hold the other day. But it is amazing that you reached inside for that new determination and were able to harness that to focus your energy on good things the next day. You pulled yourself up by your bootstraps (or as your mom loves to say…put on your big girl panties! LOL) Keep on keepin’ on…your new insights sound like they will reign. Love, Aunt Trice

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