Yay for insanity

So, I’ve been working like a fiend.  We have our yearly inventory this Friday.  I’m not sure if I am just more aware of what’s going on and therefore how much is left yet to be done, or if we just did a really shitty job getting ready this year.  Probably the latter.  I’m energized in that all these extra hours (more last week than this) went towards helping my friends and coworkers at the store.  This week has been a little more about me…after all, my dept has to be ready too.  But, I’m also saddened that yet again, we (management, but I’ll include myself in that) have failed yet again to prepare or galvanize the newer DH’s so that they don’t feel so much pressure, don’t feel so behind, don’t need all the extra help, etc.  I don’t know when there is going to be a change, if there ever will be one, but I hope to God that it does happen.

I’ve been living on coffee, tea, whiskey (in the tea, ONCE I get home to help put me to sleep because I’m so wired) cigarettes, soups I made earlier this week and late night Jack in the Box runs.  It’s disgusting, but I don’t really have the energy to shop, cook, all that.  The last two days, however, I decided that I was going to have dinner ready for my husband – last night was my mom’s veggie meatloaf (just has veggies IN it, it’s not vegetarian – don’t get too excited) and roasted acorn squash with orange juice and ginger butter sauce.  The night before was some paprika smoked sausage we get from the grocery, and a cranberry basil cous cous I made up due to a lack of ANY other thing in my house.

I’m too tired to look up quotes, so I’ll have to leave you with none this time.  Just keep me and my friends at work in your prayers – that we not only MAKE it through Friday and the rest of the weekend, but that we are marginally successful.  Right now, I’m a little pessimistic.


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