Hey hey I forgot my birthday!!

I got a sweet text from a friend today saying, sorry I forgot to wish you happy birthday!  Hmmm, I’m a June baby!  Next line of the text was  – happy Director Birthday!!!

Oh yah! Wow! 3 years.  My how they have flown by….three years….

Three years ago on December 1, I because a Director with my company.  After 10 months in the industry, I was already in the top percentile.  It took hard work, and it took dedication.  It took staying up to learn when I was tired, and it took a lot of coaching.  I got a lot of support and cheering and gentle correcting from my mentors, and I know without them I would not be where I am today.  I’m so ready to do that for someone else – to let them succeed and feel this amazing pride and joy in building their own business.

It’s kinda crazy when you think about it.  In February 2011 I started.  And then in December I was flown to LA to celebrate my promotion and the promotion of our team to National level.  I think at that point I wasn’t even sure what I was doing yet!  Shortly thereafter I quit my job and started to pursue this full time.  I had an office job for a while to help stabilize income, and to let me have a normal working schedule instead of the crazy retail hours I used to work.

In 2012 we bought our first house, and we have the most beautiful garden (there’s a picture below).  I love tulips and it’s covered in them! Late summer in 2012 I earned a cruise to the Bahamas which we took in February of 2013.  I also became a Senior Director by promoting out a Director from my family.

In spring of 2013 I earned a trip to New York City and we stayed at an incredible hotel right on Times Square, the Marriott Marquis.  At this time, I quit the second job and went 100% self employed. And in fall of 2013 I earned a trip for myself AND my husband to go to the Dominican Republic (we went in April 2014)- we had to have him apply for a passport – he’d never left the country before (Ok Canada, but that doesn’t count).  Sprinkle in some trips to Dallas, a trip to Anchorage to visit my parents, a trip to Vegas (first time and NOT the last), and that was quite an exciting year!

And the years just get better!  We kicked off 2014 with a trip to Hawaii with our family!  This year I have broken my sales records 3 times, I earned the title of Number 1 Senior Director in the entire company, I earned a Mercedes Benz (it’s gonna get delivered this month – it’s a 2015!!!!!) I can’t WAIT to drive it! And I just earned a trip to Paris (for two) and we’re just mapping out where else we will go when we are in Europe, because when the company pays for you to stay on the Champs Elysees and pays for your tickets there, you better bet your sweet ass I’m gonna spend my money on more travel!!!  I almost can’t believe this incredible life I have built, but I can, because I’m doing what it takes to make it happen, and I know exactly what I need to do.

Are you coachable?  Are you looking for more?  if you are, let me know what you are looking for.  I want to share this lifestyle with more people – help someone else get unstuck from the daily grind.  I’m enjoying life, and now I want to pass it forward.

Here’s a few pics from my trip down memory lane. Happy Birthday to me!!!

Our new house


Glacier hopping in Alaska, and fun night in Vegas with my Michael.

IMG_20130620_165631_542 IMG_20130914_214134_639

Bahamas cruising!  So fun!

IMG_20130119_102708_291 IMG_20130120_173955_457

At a Luau with my sister in Waikiki


Eating my first slice of NYC pizza, and our view of Times Square from our hotel

IMG_20131026_242055_755 IMG_20131024_204555_403

The moment before I claimed title to #1!

Top 3

Gosh, I can’t wait to update this post with a picture of my shiny red new car!


I can and I will – secrets to happiness


A few days ago I earned a trip to Paris for two with my company.  I had already earned it for one, but going without my husband was not an option.  Believe me, I am ecstatic that I get to go back to that amazing city, one of my favorite places in the world, but I am not surprised.  I’ve made goal setting and achievement my business and a habit.  And honestly, it’s not so much a forced habit as an addiction.  I read something a friend posted about trying to earn the same trip, and it made me really sad – she said something along the lines of almost being close to the goal, but she’d never really intended on earning it, but now that she was close, she would try.  Excuse me, but WTF?

I try to learn as much as possible about being happy, about achieving, about growing as I can, and I can tell you even from my novice perspective, not really intending on achieving something is a sure fire way NOT TO.  And if you want to be happy in life, you should start setting some goals NOW.  And I don’t mean little goals. I mean big scary goals that make your guts ache a little.

In our brains, there is a section called the substantia nigra/ventral segmental area or SN/VTA.  It’s the “novelty center” of our brain and releases dopamine when we encounter new things.  Dopamine makes us happy.  Doing new things makes us happy. Here’s a real life situation:  My husband is a creature of habit, and while generally a nice and happy guy, he’s not on fire about things – usually.  Fortunately, his old company shut down, and he lost his job.  While he was training for his new job, he would come home every day and he would not shut up about all the things he was learning.  He brought home books to do extra study, he looked at websites, he talked to me nonstop, and he was so friggin happy! He was like a kid on Christmas morning going over all his new presents.  He was truly happy and blossoming.  I’d read about this chemical happiness from new challenges, but never noticed it happening before.  It was so fun to watch! That release is what triggers us to want more new things, because then we get another release.  Silly visual – I like to think of it like a hamster that has figured out the release trigger for his treats.

Or maybe look at it as a video game of life.  Remember playing Nintendo when you were a kid?  And you’d beat one level and mom or dad would come in and say turn it off….NOOOOOO one more level.  New thing=dopamine release.  Want to know what’s next?  Winning new thing=more dopamine, plus endorphins, plus oxytocin plus seratonin.  One more level.  Gotta get the next fix…  Scientists actually think the reason children learn to speak languages so quickly is tied to these neural chemical cocktails of happiness.

It’s a beautiful addiction.  New things are great! but achievement is BETTER.  The act of setting a goal and truly working on it, in and of itself creates happiness.  And we could keep talking science, we could even just say that your soul thrives on it, because it does.  The Japanese call it ikigai: that which I wake up for.  It’s these goals and causes that fuel our hearts and souls and set us on fire.  We anticipate not just the reward, but we enjoy the journey.

Why can’t it be a simple goal?  Because with a simple, easily achieved goal, there is no effort.  The mind feeds on that effort and the feeling of achieving those scary big goals is like none other.  I remember the first time I earned a trip with my company, I yelled in my office, but to me it felt like a lion’s roar.  When you set hard goals that are outside your comfort zone, it gives you authentic self esteem:  the true belief that you can and will.  The true belief in your abilities and powers and talents.  If you don’t test them, how do you know the limits?  I have not found mine yet…and I bet you won’t either when you really try.

I learned from Dr. Adam Fraser that in Goal Orientation Theory there are three drivers in people. 1 – the desire to WIN.  A very powerful one. You can see this anywhere from a game of Life around your kitchen table to a high school football game.  Even the audience wants to win!  2. Mastery – the desire to improve all the time, to master a new task, to complete a hard goal.  This is the driver that will let you wake up every day to put in a little more effort towards your dreams and desires.  This is what major athletes and CEOs and leaders live by.  Don’t let yourself be content with driver 3 – the desire simply not to lose.  If that is where your goal setting comes from, you will set tiny goals that don’t push you outside your comfort zone, because that third driver is fear based.  And there are only two things that you should really fear: loud noises and falling.  Everything else is just your ego talking.

So when you set a goal try to do these three things:

FOCUS – make sure that your goal is specific, and that you have reminders of your specific intentions everywhere – (notes on your mirror, goals on paper near your desk, write them down on the top of your daily calendar, or even make your commonly used passwords whatever your goal is).

STAY POSITIVE – if you’ve been reading along, you know that what you think about comes about.  Right now I could say, “my goal is to climb Mt. Everest.  But if my hearts’ not in it, and I don’t really think I can – I’ll keep saying “yah but that’s never gonna happen” in the back of my head, and then it won’t.  You have to keep those positive thoughts in your mind all the time. And if you aren’t feeling it – find a tool that helps you get there. Talk to a good friend, listen to a motivational cd, or go onto YouTube and just search motivation.

TAKE MASSIVE ACTION – meaning LOTS OF IT!  You can’t learn to run a marathon by going out on day one and trying to run 20+ miles.  Start with one mile, or half a mile, and keep running every day and add little bits onto your total.  What’s your goal? What’s the way to achieve it?  What’s one thing you can do NOW to travel in that direction?  Got an answer yet?  Then go do it!

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